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Sep 7 2018

Phone system dallas

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What our Customers say

We ve experienced a ton of improved efficiencies and response times due to the installation. Our customer service response has improved dramatically. They integrate with all of our other systems, and without them it would be hard for us to manage what we do. It makes our job and having contact with the public that much easier. Dan Birbeck, Dallas County Hospital District Police Department

In the planning phase of the WEBS Contact installation we made a list of some of the most common situations in which you would need to broadcast a message. Even though some of our prerecorded messages are unlikely, we can rest easy knowing we have a prerecorded response to a majority of situations. The entire process was very simple for us and the learning curve was really small. Shawn Woods, University of the Sciences

They’ve always functioned correctly and don’t require any maintenance. We test the units periodically and we never have problems. I’ve seen other competitor’s units fail after one or two storms. These Talkaphone towers have been working without problems for six years strong Don Gussler, Emeryville Marina Harbor Master

We perform fire and earthquake drills. We wanted a system that could help us better organize our response and communication with the community. These units have done just that. Nathan Moore, Chabot College

We wanted to install a solution which we knew would operate without error, each and every time. Adam Adcock, Carolinas HealthCare System

Latest News

Talkaphone’s AOR Series Command Units is updated with hardware to detect short/open conditions on cabling for each area of rescue station. With this update, the system will also recognize a general ground fault condition. Such trouble conditions will be annunciated and visually indicated at the AOR Series Command Unit. These capabilities will allow users to understand where there may be a disconnection from the command unit and each individual call station. These changes have been made in accordance to the required codes — IBC (2015) §1009, ADAAG §7, NFPA 72 – (2016 edition) 24.10 and the ICC A117.1 Ch.7. An Area of Rescue system consists of a command unit, a selected number of AOR stations (flush or surface mounted) and AOR signage to accommodate the selected number of AOR stations. A command unit powers each of the AOR call stations. This connection is provided through cabling between a command unit and each of the AOR call stations. The system begins when the user initiates an emergency call from an AOR station, a tone is heard to confirm the call has been placed and a LED light indicates the call has been received. At the same time, the command unit’s strobe starts flashing and the siren. Read more →

Chicago company morphs from record players to call boxes When Talkaphone was founded in Illinois in the 1930s, security was not a part of the business plan. As the successful record player manufacturer s business developed and the market s evolution of needs changed, they began producing intercoms. These intercoms earned the company an essential industry classification, when World War II came in 1941. Intercoms grew to become a core product and today — more than 80 years later — the company s business model is as a well-known designer and manufacturer of security and life safety communication products and solutions for customers in 40 countries around the globe Read more at Security Today Read more →

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