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Jun 12 2017

Ruang Freelance – Situs Blog Freelancer Indonesia #freelancer #web #developer

# Sebagai freelancer kita semua pasti pernah merasakan dikejar-kejar deadline. Sungguh, ini lebih mengerikan daripada dikejar anjing tetangga. Ironisnya, kebanyakan kasus semacam ini tak lain disebabkan oleh kebiasaan freelancer sendiri yang cenderung menunda-nunda pekerjaan. Kebiasaan ini bisa terjadi karena berbagai alasan, seperti menyepelekan pekerjaan, manajemen waktu yang berantakan, kendali diri yang kurang, hingga alasan yang disengaja [ ] Bukan sebuah rahasia jika kreativitas sangat diperlukan dalam setiap pekerjaan. Kreativitas inilah yang membantu memunculkan ide-ide terbaik dan memudahkan seseorang dalam memecahkan masalah. Kreativitas tidak muncul dengan sendirinya. Tapi, setiap orang memiliki potensi untuk menjadi lebih kreatif. Proses berkreativitas dapat dipelajari dan …

Jun 12 2017

Breaking Bad Habits With Environment Design: How Vietnam War Veterans Broke Their Heroin Addictions #heroin

# How Vietnam War Veterans Broke Their Heroin Addictions It was 1971 and the Vietnam War was heading into its 16th year when two congressmen, Robert Steele from Connecticut and Morgan Murphy from Illinois, made a discovery that stunned the American public. While visiting the troops in Vietnam, the two congressmen discovered that over 15 percent of US soldiers had developed an addiction to heroin. (Later research, which tested every American soldier in Vietnam for heroin addiction, would reveal that 40 percent of servicemen had tried heroin and nearly 20 percent were addicted.) The discovery shocked the American public and …

Jun 12 2017

Top 100 Outsourcing Companies in World 2014 #top #call #center #outsourcing #companies

# Top 100 Outsourcing Companies in World [2014] [Updated: November 2014] We have been featuring the Top Outsourcing Companies list since 2007, however, we have not been able to update it for past couple of years. The IAOP (International Association of Outsourcing Professionals) has recently come out with “The Global Outsourcing 100 ” for 2014 which enlists the top outsourcing companies in the world. So we decided to update our list and bring you the most recent 2014 results. As we have been following this list for past 6-7 years, you will be surprised to know that Indian companies are …

Jun 12 2017

Trade Schools in Illinois #washburne #culinary #institute

# Colleges Trade Schools in Illinois The options for vocational training offered at colleges and trade schools in Illinois can allow your goals for the future to come to life. With a multitude of programs spanning some of the most popular areas of study, you can find one that makes sense for you and your lifestyle with ease. Plus, with campuses located across the state, and several to choose from in the bustling Chicago area. the chances are great that you will find a location that’s convenient for you. You can even pursue options for studying online! Take an important …

Jun 12 2017

Backflow Prevention – What Does it Mean to You? American Backflow Prevention Association #backflow #plumbing

# Every time you fill a glass with water from the tap, prepare a meal, or take a bath, you take for granted that the water will always be clean, pure, and healthy. Occasionally, situations occur outside of our control that can jeopardize the quality of your drinking water. A very common occurrence in a water distribution system is the temporary loss of pressure due to the breakage of a water supply pipe or water main. When these situations occur, conditions are present that can allow the backflow of pollutants or contaminants into the water system and threaten the purity …

Jun 12 2017

CMT – Missions and Ministry through Education and Training #bible #college, #christian #course

# CMT – Missions and Ministry through Education and Training CMT is a not-for-profit ministry and training organisation, founded in 1999. CMT is a Division of Universal Education and Training Ltd (UNET). an Australian Government Registered Training Organisation (RTO-Provider Code 30173). In the past 10 years, UNET has been responsible for the delivery of accredited education and training programs to more than 10,000 students around Australia and overseas. CMT is focused on training and equipping people for local and international Missions and Ministry work in Australia and around the world. CMT is wanting to establish a Christian University College on …

Jun 11 2017

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