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Oct 26 2017

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interior design presentation boards



Practical Aspects is a four semester diploma program, which can be fast tracked in 10 months, covers the strong emphasis on principles and elements, color harmony, historical styles, residential and commercial designing. The advanced studies program in interior design is a 2 year professional program. All classes offered can be taken on an individual basis for students who have a desire for continuing their education.

ID-1001: Part I Interior Design (48 Hours)

Students will study color; it’s three dimensions, psychology and creates color boards. The principals of design and textiles are explored. A focus of study is the introduction to the history of design from antiquity to present. For each period of study the student will learn the ornament and style as well as the fabrics and color of that period. The student also learns the six elements of design and will begin to sketch and draw in one point perspective. There is a field trip to NYC to visit the D D building. Course assignments range from weekly sketches to several design projects.

ID-1002: Part II Interior Design (48 Hours)

Continuation of Part I where more complex design problems are examined. The course covers dimensioning, space planning, analysis of the client, bubble diagrams, materials and finishes, furniture plans, floor plans, elevations as well as lighting and ceiling plans. A student is required to complete drawing and presentation boards. Field trips to trade showrooms will be completed throughout the semester at the discretion of the school.

ID-1003: Part III Interior Design (48 Hours)

This course is an introduction to Contract Design, an introduction to conceptual and practical methods of designing non-residential interior spaces. The emphasis of study is enhancing the skills developed in Part II supplemented by advanced lighting, perspective and isometric drawings. Creative presentation techniques are developed as well as the refinement of oral skills.

ID-1011: Professional Business Practices (30 Hours)

This course will examine the practical, financial, legal and business considerations of the Interior Designer. The student will learn contracts, cost and material estimating, pricing. Project management, design issues, budget requirement, letters of agreement and floor plan will be given. Professional ethics & communication skills are emphasized.


This Advanced Diploma Program includes Practical Aspects Parts 1, 2, 3 and Professional Business Practices (above) and ALL COURSES (below) must be completed to receive the Advanced Diploma.

ID-1001 – Practical Aspects of Interior Design Part I

ID-1002 – Practical Aspects of Interior Design Part II

ID-1003 – Practical Aspects of Interior Design Part III

ID-1011 – Business Practices for Interior Designers

ID-1005 – Advanced Color

ID-1018A – Bath Design*

ID-1006 – Building Codes*

ID-1009 – Contract Design*

DR-005 – Advanced Drafting*

ID-1028 – Historical Styles

ID-010 – Interior Design Project Presentation*

ID-1018 – Kitchen Design*

ID-1007 – Lighting Design*

ID-1023 – Materials and Finishes

ID-1027 – Sustainable Residential/Commercial Design

ID-1004 – Residential Design*

DR-002 – Perspective Drawing*

ID-1014 – Window Treatment Design

* pre-requisite for this course

Practical Aspects of Interior Design is a four semester Diploma Program.

Individual Classes: All classes offered can be taken on an individual basis for students who have a desire for continuing education.

Note: Guest lecturers and consultants in specialized fields of design are invited at the discretion of the school to give presentations for the student’s enrichment in interior design.

MiD conducts all classes in a classroom setting and/or decorator showroom.

Licensed by the New York State Education Department.

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