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Jul 21 2017

HTML Email Marketing Software, Download Email Marketing Templates: High Impact eMail 5 #email #marketing #software,email


Design Emails like a Pro with HTML Email Templates

It’s a smart decision to build branded online newsletters, ad, invites more from great-looking emails marketing templates. Let’s face it, life’s too short to start from scratch. With one less thing to worry about, your business will run better.

Craft your own exceptional email marketing with easy editing tools, no HTML or design experience necessary. Creating stylish emails has never been so fast affordable.

No tricky instructions to hold you down. The Photo Editor lets you edit images with ease ensures their perfect placement in each template. Adding, removing or editing text from templates is as easy as working in Microsoft Word.

Our unique email marketing templates are sure to attract attention. Circular slanted photo frames, layered images engaging layouts require serious HTML skills to create – ours! You don’t need to know any HTML to edit these unconventional designs. View sample email templates

Every template design has been tested to display correctly across popular email clients, so you can rest assured that your masterpieces arrive in every inbox intact.

Easily theme designs for any occasion.

The Color Picker tool plucks precise colors from your logo or website saves them to the Color Theme Manager, where you can create your own color scheme or select from pre-existing sets.

Personalizing email marketing campaigns makes them more effective. Our eMail Merge feature cleverly inserts customer information like names, address, etc. for maximum attention-grabbing effect.

Send your email marketing
however you like.

High Impact eMail 6 is versatile. Send with Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Gmail, Windows Mail or ACT! or upload your finished design to any online email service that supports HTML, such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, iContact many more.

Let your customers to see what
you really sell.

Easily edit hundreds of email marketing templates to create customized email campaigns that reflect your business. Intuitive design tools allow your ideas to come to life, instantly.

Can’t decide? Why not try High Impact eMail 6 free for 30 days. It’s a no risk, no obligation trial — and no, we won’t ask you for your credit card.
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