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Oct 26 2017

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Professional Learning Programs

GCI professional development programs build practical skills in coaching and leadership –enhancing the quality of conversations in education communities, building teaching and learning capacity, and impacting student outcomes.

All programs can be run in-house for schools or groups. Selected programs are offered as Current Workshops

Growth Coaching International has been providing professional learning to education leaders for over 13 years. Over 8000 school leaders, system leaders, teachers and even students have participated in various GCI professional learning programs in the last 12 months alone, with over 800 leaders receiving individual coaching.

Our Values

The GCI team are committed to working collaboratively with clients, sharing practitioner-focused, impactful, research-informed and practical coaching skills within a positive and empathetic environment for personal, professional and organisational improvement.

Our Team

The GCI team of coaches and workshop facilitators offer a unique blend of education, coaching and academic experience. All are dedicated professionals committed to delivering practical, evidence-based programs, workshops and coaching services to education communities.

Our Partners

GCI is an approved coaching program and coaching services provider to several professional development organisations throughout Australia, New Zealand and internationally.

Corridors, parking areas, playgrounds, staff rooms – these are all places where you and your staff have conversations every day.

What if you could use these opportunities to build your staff resiliency and empower them to achieve their goals?

Growth Coaching International’s professional learning workshops offer proven, accessible tools and frameworks to increase your leadership effectiveness through growing your ability to coach your staff to tackle challenges, leverage opportunities and create their own solutions.

The GCI way demonstrates how coaching is not just for formal coaching relationships but how a coaching approach can be applied throughout a school day to create a culture of growth.

GCI programs and will help you learn how to:

  • Introduce a coaching approach into a wide range of conversational contexts
  • Use the GROWTH coaching conversation framework to enhance both staff and student success and wellbeing
  • Use coaching approaches in areas that school leaders typically find challenging:
    • performance reviews
    • giving informal feedback
    • working with teams

Help your staff get unstuck no matter what challenges they are facing, by using solution-focused coaching tools and techniques that help them envision desired outcomes and the actions needed to progress them.

Upcoming Workshops

Coaching Accreditation Program

16 October 2017

Coaching Accreditation Program

6 September 2017

Coaching Accreditation Program

Coaching Accreditation Program

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