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Nov 30 2017

Google s Deadline Day for HTTP Websites Approaches 22 Aug 2017

It has been no secret over the last few years that Google looks at the security of websites as a ranking factor for their search engine. With this has come the rise of websites migrating to https://, otherwise known as adopting an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate is a way of encrypting the connection between the website and.


MOST IMPORTANT REASONS YOU MUST AVOID FOR YOUR SUCCESS IN PPC ONLINE ADVERTISING Pay-per-click marketing is a valid and authenticated method that marketers use to present their company in front of local and international audience. It is successful because almost every hour a day is a peak hour somewhere around the world when.

How to Create a Successful SEO Strategy 21 Aug 2017

If you re still on the fence about whether SEO is right for your business, consider this: 81 percent of shoppers research their big purchases online before committing to a sale. If you’re not conducting SEO for your business website, how will all those shoppers find your business? And going forward, how will you.

The Simple List of Essential Content Marketing Tools 18 Aug 2017

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is synonymous with digital marketing these days. If you or your marketing team are not employing it, then you are definitely in the Stone Age. That said, there is such a huge variety of different tools out there that figuring out which one to use can be nearly impossible. Fortunately for you, we.

The Latest Trends in Internet Marketing Software 18 Aug 2017

With the constant evolution in the internet marketing space, getting along with trends and staying ahead of your competition can be a bit challenging. However, to help thrive, using a top-quality internet marketing software that improves your productivity and allows you to maximize your ROI is essential. According.

Kenwood Travel Analyse A Real PPC Campaign 17 Aug 2017

The last PPC campaign I analysed in the Analyse A Real PPC Campaign series was from Football Maties, who had targeted with the assumption that those wanting to buy new football boots are a potential market to target to ask for their old football boots to be donated to charity. As much as the targeting and the.

How SEO Is Changing And Why It s Simpler Than You Think 17 Aug 2017

How SEO Is Changing And Why It s Simpler Than You Think Google s update in 2011 has really changed the world of how SEO works. Optimization has shifted from having to over-emphasize keywords to a more human-like approach when crafting online content. Before, you d have a checklist that should meet the.

Why You Should Target Mobile Users for SEO 16 Aug 2017

It was really not too long ago that Google started to include the mobile responsiveness of websites as an element to determining the SEO of a website in mobile search. This makes sense, of course, since Google are all about providing the best user experience for a web user online if this means promoting websites that.

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