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Aug 9 2017

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What’s New Updates

Migrated from Mysis AllScripts to eMedicalPractice.

  • Migrated successfully from DOCUTAP to eMedicalPractice.

  • eMedicalPractice is ready to achieve 5 star rating.

  • Successfully migrated from Greenway to eMedicalPractice.

  • Adopted Cariee version 1.1 system for inpatient tracking.

  • Successfully migrated from eClinicalworks to eMedicalPractice.

  • Adopted Cariee 1.1 system for inpatient tracking.

  • Upgraded to eMedicalPractice 1.0

  • Upgraded to eMedicalPractice 1.0

  • Migrated successfully from Athena to eMedicalPractice.

  • Successfully migrated from OfficeAlley to eMedicalPractice.

  • Adopted Cariee for Dialysis Patients.

    eMedicalPractice is a affordable integrated EHR, Billing, Clearing house, patient portal and Practice Management Solution that is designed to make your practice easier for you, your staff and your patients. Application helps medical practices to shedule appointments, online patient self registration before office visit, chart patient visits, e-prescribe/fax medications, send referral letters, connect with labs and share medical bills & records with patients in real time, Billing, Clearing House, Reporting – all from a single interactive application. It eliminates inefficiency within medical offices and increases patient quality of care.

    Single integrated solution with the full range of functionality to meet the needs of your practice.24×7 access and control from anywhere on the Web. Practice Specific You can customize the application to meet the needs of your practice. Security – all transactions and data are secure to ensure full compliance with HIPAA privacy regulations.

    PRISTINE OB-GYN CARE ( Obstetrics Gynecology )

    “This product is too good to be true. They have migrated all my unpaid claims from AdvancedMD and collected all dues. Thanks eMedicalPractice for being innovators in the healthcare industry.”
    Dr. Ogunlade

    Sy Med LLC ( Internal Medicine )

    “It is a great intergraed EHR with practice management and clearing house. Great help from billing team.” Dr. Syamala D. Erramilli

    Sheby-Chilton Hematology and Oncology LLC ( Hematology and Oncology )

    “Helped us training and made us qualified meaningful use.Thanks a lot. Keep up with good work! Alabaster

    DAVID 0. KATEB, M.D.,P.A. ( pulmonary and internal medicine )

    “It is easy to use and many custom templates to choose from or created my own templates. Thanks eMedicalPractice for solving all our billing issues and collecting all our unpaid bills.”DAVID 0. KATEB,M.D.,P.A.,

    Treasure Coast Cancer Care Center ( oncology specialist )

    “Starting to use eMedicalPractice for my two offices, SOAP format works great. Daily progress notes are a breeze with template notes. Saves tons of time, makes it clear billing, I love it.”Siva Bellam, M.D.

    Dr. Daniel A Lindenberg MD PA( Gastroenterology )

    “eMedicalPractice is the best.Great support from help desk team.”Dr. Lindenberg, MD

    Gulf Coast HealthCare Systems, ( Urgent care )

    “Web based, good support and customization to all my 5 offices. “Dr.Mickey Jones
    Lehigh Acres, FL

    Sunnyside Pediatrics ( Pediatrics )

    “eMedicalPractice is the 2rd EHR I have used, and I have migrated from All Scripts. It is easy to use and more flexible fo the customization.”
    Griffin, GA

    Orlando Psychiatric Associates ( Psychiatry )

    “eMedicalPractice really does listen to their users and involves them in the process. eMedicalPractice is about the user experience and the ease of use of its EHR. Keep up the great work eMedicalPractice!”
    Dr. B.N. Raju
    Orlando, FL

    ID Consultants, Inc ( Infectious Diseases )

    “Thanks eMedicalPractice for being innovators in the healthcare industry. It is fast and easy to complete the notes.”
    Boynton Beach, FL

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