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Dec 31 2017

Castlewood Eating Disorder Treatment Center

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Introducing Castlewood’s Facebook Live Eating Disorder Recovery Series

Castlewood Treatment Centers is committed to providing ongoing support and education to people affected by eating disorders. Whether you are a professional, a client or a loved one, taking part in our 20-minute Facebook Live Discussions will provide you the opportunity to connect with our experienced clinical staff…

What Our Alumni Say About Castlewood

“After being here I finally believe that long-term recovery from my eating disorder and trauma is possible! Thank you to everyone at Castlewood. It is a special place that will always hold a special place in my heart.”

– A. Smith – Castlewood Alumni

Castlewood Eating Disorder Treatment Center Located in St. Louis, MO

Castlewood Treatment Center provides highly individualized and expertly implemented eating disorder treatment for men and women age 16 and above. Located in the peaceful woodlands, just outside St. Louis, MO, our elegant residential and treatment facilities provide the necessary therapeutic environment for beginning the recovery journey. Clients work with a team of experienced clinicians in an atmosphere of compassion, respect, and empowerment.

Castlewood’s treatment team helps clients with all types of eating disorders. We believe that many eating disorders are routed in attachment difficulties established much earlier in life, and these problems become expressed through destructive eating behaviors, self-harm (such as cutting), or addictions. We help clients learn new ways of coping and healthy means of expression, as well as developing insight into their actions and reactions. Family therapy and education are integrated into each program.

We provide a continuum of care at Castlewood, so that clients can receive the level of structure and intensity of treatment that best meets their current needs. Length of stay in each level varies, based on the individual, their specific history, and overall recovery progress. Castlewood’s treatment for eating disorders includes a large amount of real-life skill development and practice. We believe that off-site practice of life, relational and mindfulness skills is essential.

Eating Disorder Treatment at Castlewood

At Castlewood Treatment Center we believe that each client defies simple categorization. While some clients have been formally diagnosed with anorexia nervosa. bulimia nervosa. or binge eating disorder. most come with subtle combinations of issues that defy one diagnosis but typically involve a number of common signs and symptoms. Our therapists, dietitians, staff psychiatrist, and adjunct clinicians have experience in treating EDNOS (eating disorder not otherwise specified), such as clients with compulsive or selective eating disorders.

Eating disorder treatment is equally important for all kinds of destructive eating behaviors, because without intervention, each can cause serious medical issues. Eating disorders are generally an overt sign of underlying psychological and emotional issues. Treatment for eating disorders involves identifying underlying issues such as negative body image perceptions. while at the same time normalizing eating behaviors and weight. We care about our clients, and develop close therapeutic relationships. Our skilled clinicians collaborate closely to provide effective treatment for even the most complex issues, including Anxiety Disorders, OCD, trauma related eating disorders and clients with a history of suicidal thoughts or attempts.

Residential and Other Levels of Treatment for Eating Disorders at Castlewood

Castlewood Treatment Center offers four levels of care for eating disorder treatment. We are proud of providing behavioral health care above the national standards, and being accredited and recognized by both JACHO and CARF.

After a personal intake evaluation, clients will begin treatment for eating disorders in one of the following levels:

  • Residential Treatment
  • Day Treatment
  • Step Down Transition Treatment
  • Intensive Outpatient

Each client at Castlewood works closely with a primary team comprised of a therapist, dietitian, and staff psychiatrist. Castlewood believes that treating the medical, therapeutic, and nutritional issues of each client at the same time will provide stronger, more effective recovery. In addition to this core team, other specialists provide education, treatment, and nutrition support services. Aftercare services are initiated well before discharge, so that clients have a network of support ready and waiting.

Castlewood offers both financial and therapeutic case management support, interfacing with both insurance companies and the client’s home treatment team (primary physician, psychiatrist, dietitian or therapist), so that the each client is able to progress through the continuum of care in the most optimized way.

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